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Follow Up Story

I have been in the trucking business going to 2 years now. And I never expected to reach this height in such short period of time in this industry. I started this business all because I wanted a better living for my family and help acquire Generational wealth, after realizing I couldn’t get that doing a 9-5 at Amazon making $3,200 a month I always knew I could do more so I went into trucking gathered all the knowledge I could get and took all the courses I could get too because I realized until I started working for myself the true Generational wealth doesn’t start.

Being A Dispatcher

So I started off as a dispatcher and with the right knowledge I managed to save enough to lease my first truck a 24ft Box truck I started with non cdl box trucks because I had to go with my budget and to also prove to people that you can also be successful as a non cdl driver. My first 6 months paid off due to the hard work and determination that I put in and the type of knowledge I had from the beginning I was able to gross over 300k for the First 6 months because minimum of 3-6k was coming in weekly from just dispatching aside otr.


All my life I’ve been trying to do my best to reach out and also help people get this financial freedom to be able to do better for their families and gain that society respects and leave the hood life because the society doesn’t see us as anything other than thugs and hoes so I’ve been trying to help people with the knowledge I’ve gathered with this business so they can learn without having to make the mistakes I made while I was starting from the beginning because I believe we all got equal rights to financial freedom. So we need to put in the work now and set a good step for our upcoming generations and not let them go through life the way we did. To be successful isn’t all about hard work it’s about hard work with the right knowledge so always try to remember the difference.