Peterson Transport

Life Time Mentorship

2 hr
Phone call
Phone call
Phone call
Payment: $500

Please note: Mentorship total cost is $1000. First payment is due at the time of purchase ($500), the remainder must be paid in full within 60 days from purchase date or before the start of dispatch training ($500).

Starting a Non cdl Trucking business with no help or guidance from an expert or any former knowledge about the business can lead you to making many costly mistakes or even make you go out of business when you’re not working with the right knowledge.

In my lifetime mentorship program I’m available 24/7 at your service and I’m here to hold your hands through the entire process supplying you with all the knowledge you’ll need to run a successful Box Truck/Hotshot company, from the beginning of yo career till you become a pro you’ll be under my guidance on how to set up yo authority and how to scale your company as a non cdl/cdl driver.

Teaching you how to get started with yo authorities and how to work with a new authority, and also showing you how to get a truck without credit too and most importantly how to get loads and contracts and also how to get contacts too and many other ways to become successful in this business.

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